Delhi, India

Delhi India was our first big trip since our honeymoon four years ago. It was so fun discovering and exploring together!


We stayed at the most gorgeous hotel with some really great food. (Thank goodness for the international menu—we needed a break from all that Indian spice!)

As many of you know, I clobber michael 99.9% of the time. The hardest part in India was not holding his hand, hugging or kissing in public. PDA is not kosher there. I hugged him in the hotel lobby once. Never have I seen so many disgusted faces!


We had a warm welcome into the hotel, dressed in fresh flower necklaces and a bindi.

We saw many Indians afraid to use the escalator inside the hotel, and didn’t know how to get on. Most of the time, whoever was working the escalator would just push them on while they’d yell and scream. Then they’d laugh once they got their footing. Too funny to watch!


I wish this picture did it justice, this was The Qube — literally a glass cube. We ate all our meals in this gorgeous glass box looking at the gardens.


Pretend to care about our breakfast. It was our favorite meal of the day. Pitaya, salmon bagel, and papaya jam were michael’s highlights.

It was a surprise to see the Indian people eat with their hands. Honestly, it looked like a difficult task! Indian food is basically sauce and rice, which is so difficult to eat sans utensils. They eat probably 2-5 cups of rice per meal because the only way they can eat the sauce is to soak it up with rice. They will mix a bite at a time of rice and sauce, mash it in a ball and eat it. It was…messy to say the least.

In India, it’s the idea that you ‘wipe with the left hand’, so you basically do all other tasks with the right. You definitely don’t eat with the left hand…at all. The hardest part was tearing off a piece of naan with one hand (it’s more difficult than it sounds!)


I just can’t have curry masala and ginger on rice for breakfast so words cannot describe my joy when I saw they served porridge (oatmeal). I was SO EXCITED! I ate every american/european bread they had, smothered in pineapple jam. It’s amazing as it sounds.


The rooftop infinity pool at the hotel was so dreamy overlooking Delhi. The pigeons, poop running down the glass railing…? Not so much.Delhi-2015-06

Like I said, this was our first big trip since our honeymoon. We’d never really traveled together so…that was a learning experience. It wasn’t until after the 5 hours of sightseeing that I made/planned for us that I found out all michael wanted to do was sit at the pool and read a book. So easy to please. Look how happy he is!


I scored these awesome geo pattern, one-size-fits-all pants at the Sarojini Nagar market. They are 100% see-through so I can basically wear them no where, but what do you expect for $2?


haha and …we definitely look naked in this photo, but we definitely are not.


This 15 ft. vertical wall garden next to the pool was beautiful and so amazing!


On our way to see Humayun’s Tomb.


This is a working mosque on the grounds near Humayun’s Tomb. It’s a good thing michael is cultured and stopped me long before I almost stepped up into a male-only mosque, with my shoes on no less. That could’ve been embarrassing. So…we admired from afar. It was a lovely site seeing muslim men in all-white, in these old, dirty ruins.


Another entering gate, with a water pool gathering four water courses that run throughout the grounds.


The widowed wife of the late emperor built this to house his grave. It greatly influenced the Taj Mahal which was built 60 years later.


This is the view from Humayun’s tomb, overlooking the garden grounds.Delhi-2015-24 Delhi-2015-29

Loving all of michael’s panorama’s! (double click to enlarge.)

Delhi-2015-30 Delhi-2015-31

A peek inside the building. Many little rooms, some with tombs, some empty.Delhi-2015-32

Such a pretty site— red sandstone and white marble.


The building was so big and spacious and oh so symmetrical. You know I love good order!


Michael, roaming with the dead and being cool about it.


The coffins were 2 feet wide and less than 5 feet tall, seemed to be proof that people get smaller over time with a diet lacking in protein. By this time we were 2 weeks into a vegetarian diet and I could already feel myself shrinking.


Delhi-2015-25Delhi-2015-36Isa Khan’s tomb in the grounds of Humayun’s Tomb. Delhi-2015-39

Next up, Lodi Gardens. A garden (meaning pure greenery, no flowers) dotted with ruins where locals walk and picnic. Loved walking with history in such a casual atmosphere.

Delhi-2015-47This really is quite green for such a hot country! The gardeners would sit in a deep squat, and waddle on their feet to pick up leaves and pull weeds. If it wasn’t done by hand, they used a small hand held broom made of long blades of grass. Whether it was construction on the street, building roads, or landscaping, everything was done by hand or with limited hand tools. There were no large trucks digging, or hauling debris. It was all manual labor, which was pretty impressive. However, it was difficult watching such frail, skinny men and women exhausting their energy out in 100° degree heat, especially the elderly who looked to old to even be able to perform that kind of labor.

They watered these huge gardens with running hoses laying on the ground where birds would sometimes gather to drink to pooling water.
Delhi-2015-45The detail was always amazing!Delhi-2015-44Loving the juxtaposition of that new “scooty” (yes, that’s what they call them there) with rusting ruins.Delhi-2015-40Still loving how pretty the old, destroyed, and burned ruins look.Delhi-2015-49Brick walls lined the premises.Delhi-2015-46Such fine craftsmanship holding up so well!

If you look hard enough you’ll see how the grass is growing over the steps to this ruin. Delhi-2015-48Delhi-2015-42I couldn’t wait to roam the Sarojini Nagar market, known for selling name brand clothes for cheap. I also didn’t know “name brand” meant Old Navy and H&M.

There was so much so see at this market, booths crammed in every nook and cranny and clothes stacked so high and deep it was overwhelming. Michael was so patient while we shopped around. I wanted to buy pointless things because it was “so India”—colorful, bold patterned diaper underwear covers for our unborn child, rugs made of braided rope with gaping holes (how is that functional?), and salwaar suits I would never wear—but he kept me grounded. Thanks babe.

The fabrics and patterns were unreal — such loud, intense colors and patterns. Delhi-2015-61My sister and I were trying to decide if the skirts we picked out would actually fit us, or if we needed a different size. Eager to sell anything, the owner overheard our conversation and grabbed the skirt from our hands. “Stretch…Elastic..see?” he said, grabbing the waistband with both hands and straightening his arms. The skirt was now 5ft wide, and could easily fit a 400 lb man. I’ll take it.

This was a bargaining market, and when he said it would be 200 rupees ($3), I replied, “150?”. He shook his head and said 200. And then I handed him 200 rupees. I’m such a pushover.


Delhi-2015-56I was a little too excited about this elephant blanket, but how could I not have been? It’s so india, and it’s black and white (hello…me!). Bought this guy in a pinch. Best $8 I spent.Delhi-2015-55

Spotted this barber on the walk back to the hotel. Literally located on the sidewalk of a road, he set up shop—just a chair and a mirror on the cement wall, and wa-la, he found his first customer. Business 101.

We loved Sarojini Nagar market so much, we decided to head to Chandi Chowk, the largest and oldest market in India.



Our taxi driver (like most others) warned us to keep our belongings close to us and to be careful. We’d been in india for almost 2 weeks now, we were used to it—that was old news to us. He told us that this market was located in Old Delhi, and that it’s very different from New Delhi. We weren’t really sure what that meant until we stepped out of the taxi…Delhi-2015-52

…and into pure chaos.

Surrounding the market were rick shaws, double parked, men gripping the steering wheel and aggressively yelling at you to take a ride. We were constantly bombarded with 2-3 men at a time yelling at us, saying, “You’re going the wrong way!”, “Don’t go that way, come this way!”, and other men that would walk up to you and start talking about the market —wanting to host a tour and expect money in exchange. Even though we wandered through the market, men in front of us would turn around and start giving a tour. We had to speed up and walk past them, so they wouldn’t scam us into paying them. 


I barely took photos because it was just too crazy. I walked as fast as I could through the market, not even stopping to look at the items. If I stopped walking, for even a second, I’d be approached by multiple men either selling me something, or trying to scam me into a phoney tour. It was exhausting and I was terrified. I hadn’t seen a single woman, and, being white, I felt like more of a target walking through these tiny alleyways. 

We booked it through the market and called our taxi guy to come back and get us. “So, how did you like Old Delhi?” He laughed.

The Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal emperor and their households for 200 years, until 1857. It was the ceremonial and political centre.

Delhi-2015-103 Delhi-2015-107 Delhi-2015-102 We passed through multiple passageways/buildings—this, was the first.


The top floor is a museum of weaponry and armor worn at that time. Here’s a glimpse at the geometric pointed archways, and deteriorating interiors.


Once we passed through the museum, there was a long stretch until the next gateway.
Inside this gated hallway, the emperor would sit to hear public complaints. And a long walk it was!Delhi-2015-104 Loving the scalloped archways!Delhi-2015-93 Delhi-2015-94

This was the emperors throne where he would sit as the public would approach him.


There were many buildings like this all over the grounds.


This was the emperors palace. The detail, again, was incredible. The carvings, marble work, and grandness of it all was amazing.

Delhi-2015-96In the court next to the emperors palace, they’d host their royal entertainment: animal fights between lions and elephants. Must’ve been a good match!

Interior scalloped archway details.

Delhi-2015-101 Delhi-2015-98 I just have to say it again—I loved seeing the muslim men dressed in white, it was just too pretty!Delhi-2015-99

So I snuck in a pic of this adorable little girl. She was the cutest! I know, our children will never amount the cutest of these little Indian children. And let me tell you, they are all so well behaved! 

I rarely heard children crying, and if they did it was promptly hushed by their mother and that was it. No more tears. They weren’t obnoxious, unruly or wild. They seemed to be well aware of their behavior, to stay next to their parents, and be quiet. It was honestly fascinating.

Notice this little girls shaved head—it’s part of a ceremonial practice among many Hindus where they shave the child’s head at 1, 3 or 5 years of age. It’s a ritual to, amongst other things, purify the child. Some grown women will also shave their heads to donate their hair to god as well.

One other thing about the children’s hair. Girls’ hair (toddler age) was always kept short —like a bullcut, until it was dense and thick enough to grow longer. The idea is when you keep the hair short, it grows healthier and longer.

Many times, we’d see a boy toddler dressed as a girl, and vice versa. We were told, if parents have all boy children, it’s desirable to have at least 1 of each gender, so they’d dress up a boy as a girl when they were toddler age.

Delhi-2015-90 Minarets are a visual focal point which are used as a call to pray for Muslims. This tapering tower is just 5 feet shorter than the Taj Mahal. In other words, ginormo.Delhi-2015-64 Loving the unique altering round, and pointed architecture that make up this circular tower— and all the inscriptions too!Delhi-2015-69Michael is the most curious guy I have ever met. And I realized it the most on this trip. He will stop to read every plaque there is (and I mean EVERY plaque). I just loved watching his handsome face discover!
Delhi-2015-63 Delhi-2015-81

The almost non-existent archway only freaked us out a little bit. I know the thing has been here for 400 years but…how much longer does it really have?Delhi-2015-85

So cool seeing the peeling layers of arabic down to the stone and mortar. Also, how pretty is that family right in front? Always so colorful.

Delhi-2015-67 It was fun to be in such ruins and only imagine what it was like 400 years ago and the happenings going on.Delhi-2015-82 Delhi-2015-75

Michael and I laughed at how ripped he looks in this picture. He is ripped, don’t get me wrong, but man he REALLY knows how to work his lighting and angles (teach me…).

Delhi-2015-74 Michael wanted to boulder up these ruins so badly! Then he said he didn’t want to be responsible for crumbling 400 year old history. Fair. Delhi-2015-73


You know it’s an old building when the doors are teeny tiny!Delhi-2015-88 Again, it looks like these columns are crumbling! Delhi-2015-70 Such beautiful carving work on these columns. Most decor on buildings in India is made of marble, so these carvings are pretty unique.Delhi-2015-79 A glance at what once was.Delhi-2015-78

This is one of the main courtyards — you can see the base of the Qutab Minar and also, the columns that make up the hallways throughout the court. (Double click to enlarge).Delhi-2015-89

Inside the Qutab Minar grounds are other buildings housing tombs, with inscriptions covering the walls.

Delhi-2015-72Delhi-2015-83So intense!Delhi-2015-86 Delhi-2015-84Delhi-2015-71Delhi-2015-68

Still on the grounds of the Qutab Minar, is this lovely ruin. It was built with the intention of being larger and taller than the Qutab Minar, but, sadly, was left unfinished. And is now only 1/8 the size…maybe.Delhi-2015-91Please note my sister’s gypsy/MC Hammer pants blowing in the wind. Best part of my day right there.

Our taxi driver drove us near the India Gate. It’s a long stretch of grass where locals picnic and have their kids play. With perfect symmetry, the view from inside the India Gate leads directly up the street to the Prime Minster’s gorgeous mansion. If I wasn’t so enthralled with the beauty of it all, I would’ve taken a picture. But you’ll just have to imagine for yourselves!


Finally, the Taj Mahal! This is the opening passageway, before the great Taj.Delhi-2015-135

Here is a close up of the details on the building. It looks like painted florals and calligraphy but they are actually carved stone inlays. Since the building is so tall, the calligraphy border is actually slightly smaller on the bottom near the ground, and grows larger toward to top to preserve readability. So much thought and planning was put into this building!Delhi-2015-110 Grass surrounds the perimeter, with a center body of water and fountains.Delhi-2015-115

Such a grand view of this white marbled masterpiece! They say it appears as if it is floating, as there are no trees, buildings, or any distracting backgrounds behind the building.

See how tiny those people are?! This building is massive.
Delhi-2015-121Double click to enlarge this panorama!

Delhi-2015-130 Here we are again with all those marbled inlays. Delhi-2015-126

The palace was built after the Emperor’s wife died giving birth to their 14th child. She was his third marriage, his only love marriage (the first two were arranged). He was blinded by her love. Legend has it that she had three wishes before she died:
1. Never to marry.
2. Take care of the children.
3. Build something no one else could replicate, over her tomb. Delhi-2015-131 It took 22 years to build and a lot of money. The people weren’t happy with how much time and money was spent on this building, but he was blinded by her love.Delhi-2015-136Despite my angular photography, the four pillars surrounding the Taj lean slightly away from the building, so, incase of disaster, they fall outward and don’t cave onto the building.
Delhi-2015-133  It’s a 34-storey building, with many hollow rooms inside to lighten the weight of the building on the foundation.Delhi-2015-113Once we got inside the building, we walked down a narrow hallway of stairs to the actual tombs. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but their tombs were decorated just as the Taj, white marble with floral stone inlays. It was a small room, probably 10 x 10, and so humid that the marbled walls were dripping wet. Directly above the tombs, on ground level, are replications of their tombs for the public (they will be closing the actual tombs, so they will no longer be able to be open to the public).
Delhi-2015-118 The building has perfect symmetry. This is a photo taken from inside the Taj Mahal, through a gate made up of hundreds of hexagons. If you look out the center hexagon, you see this working mosque next door on the grounds in perfect symmetry.

Delhi-2015-134When the emperor died, his children decided to add his tomb next to hers. His tomb is the only thing that ruins the perfect symmetry.Delhi-2015-132How pretty are these women and their sarees?Delhi-2015-124Delhi-2015-127Delhi-2015-122This is one of the many optical illusions of the Taj Mahal. This chevron patterned pillar is actually one 3 sided although it appears to be 6 sided.Delhi-2015-119Delhi-2015-123These are the marble inlays. Each flower pedal and stem is hand crafted out of stone and placed flush into the marble.
Delhi-2015-108There are a few myths that the emperor wished to build himself a black “Taj Mahal” behind this white Taj Mahal, or that he wanted to build a pond where he would be buried only so that the reflection of the Taj would shine on him. So sweet!

Later, our tour guide took us to one of the shops that still practices the ancient artistry work that was done on the Taj Mahal. The families who practice this art today are directly related to the families who did it for the emperor. It’s a family line of work. It’s thought that only the families of these artistic descendants have the gifts to practice the same artistry, that they are born with this talent and destined to continue on this great art—something that’s in your blood rather than learned. It is said that now, this new generation of people don’t want to continue in this path of artistry, they want other line of work. It’s a long, tedious job — a 4 foot decorated marble plate can take up to 9 years. Since this new generation doesn’t want to continue this ancient art, no one knows how long it will continue. The government has subsidized a lot of the cost of creating this work, just so that the work can continue.

The circular stone, made of diamond dust, is rotated by moving that stick up and down. It, in turn, rotates that circular stone that sands down the precious colorful stones.

Delhi-2015-139 These are like the pieces of the marble inlay in the Taj Mahal. They are very thin, like the thickness of cardstock paper and each shape is carved by hand by the rotating stone above.Delhi-2015-138 Next, marble plates are carved to fit the exact shape of the precious stone so that it lays flat on the surface.Delhi-2015-140Next stop…Ooty!

Goa, India

We loved our time in Goa, India. It’s a touristy place, but we went there in the off-season meaning it was extra hot and humid, about 90 degrees with 75% humidity. Michael loves this coastal weather—it reminded him a lot of his mission in Oaxaca, Mexico. But Michael also lacks the ability to sweat, so it felt “nice” that he managed to get a little clammy, but not actually sweaty. I, on the other hand, was the soaking-my-clothes, sweat-dripping-in-my-eye kind of sweaty. Which was fun for everyone.


This is downtown Goa. Dirty old buildings with signs that seem to serve no actual purpose, everywhere.


This is one of the main roundabouts. Chaos. Lanes mean nothing here.

Goa-India-2015-19 Goa-India-2015-23

Bright green pastures and interesting looking cows with horns!


There were tons of these iron cargo ships, looking so old and rusty and awesome.


Once we were out of the downtown area, it was all corrugated tin roof homes and shops. Most people ride on scooters.


Occasionally we’d pass by some well off neighborhoods.



So pretty (and clean!)


We stayed at Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village. This is our cottage!


We were surrounded by so much lush greenery. Loving those palm trees!


A little garden on the village grounds full of ginger, lemon grass, basil and cinnamon.


Loving the sunken bar and the grass hut.


Walking to the restaurant on the beach!


Dinner overlooking the Arabian sea.


I won’t apologize for taking photos of their menu, because, look at it. How could I not? We were really glad this restaurant served international foods (pizza! pasta! fries! I’m now realizing how american my tastebuds are.) It was a nice break from all the spices of Indian food.

Goa-India-2015-10 Goa-India-2015-11

This was the mississippi mud slice/brownie—the exact verbiage from the menu. It was delish!


Dosas! An indian pancake made of ground rice and cooked like a crepe garnished with raw onions and tomatoes with coconut, ginger and herb sauces and a bowl of masala. It was good, but these people never rest from the spice, even in the morning!


He always is making faces but he is happy, promise.


We hadn’t been on a beach in so long, it was a nice change of pace.

Goa-India-2015-24 Goa-India-2015-25

This photo is hilarious because it’s right after I fell in the sand..3 seconds after I stepped foot on the beach. I couldn’t even brush the sand off because I was so sweaty and wet, it just stuck to me.


My mehndi still holding up nicely!


Michael and his capris overlooking Aguada fort.



Aguada Fort.



My favorite part of this whole trip was exploring with my two favorite people, my twin sister and my husband.



Standing on top of Fort Aguada.


Later, we drove to Fontainhas, tiny alleyways and colorful homes where the Portuguese first settled.

Goa-India-2015-35 Goa-India-2015-40 Goa-India-2015-39 Goa-India-2015-38 Goa-India-2015-37 Goa-India-2015-36      Goa-India-2015-41 Goa-India-2015-42 Goa-India-2015-43 Goa-India-2015-44 Goa-India-2015-45

One of the oldest churches in Goa, Se Cathedral.


Amazing that this building is still white.




The intricacy!


Goa-India-2015-49Goa-India-2015-58 Goa-India-2015-57

Loving the stark contrast in this church.


This is the floor of the cathedral, tombstone carvings.


The grounds around Se Cathedral were full of these tombstones as well.


I love that skull on the right!

Goa-India-2015-53  Goa-India-2015-51

This is the Basilica of Bom Jesus which holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier. A 410 year old church!

Goa-India-2015-65 Goa-India-2015-70

Goa-India-2015-63 Goa-India-2015-64

Inside the church was a whole wall of gold carvings.



Trying to capture some of the original tiles and paint.Goa-India-2015-69


My favorite capture of goa is this time lapse of us on the road.

On the road in Goa, India from maggie call on Vimeo.

Decisions, cinnamon rolls and so much to love.

I had to document the 10 minutes we were at the store contemplating whether we should buy a box of 12 donuts or not. It was an emotional roller coaster for both of us, as we ended up in the cookie isle instead.April-2015-03

April 6th was the day michael proposed. Here’s an oldie from that very day. I love remembering the sweet excitement we had to be able to spend eternity together. Everyone has their fortune, he’s mine.


We made homemade cinnamon rolls conference weekend. I am trying to instill little traditions for us, so we’ll see how this one goes. We learned the hard way that “butter is not the enemy.”  It’s one of michaels many sayings he reminds me of when I bake/cook. I always skimp on the butter…which explains the dryness of our cinnamon rolls. Oops.


My next goal is to remember that I actually bought a rolling pin, so I won’t have to roll these by hand.


He really didn’t want to screw up our cinnamon rolls.


I still don’t know whether Michael even wanted to make cinnamon rolls. Or maybe he’s joking with this face. As you can tell, there’s still so much to figure out about this guy.

Also, don’t look too hard at our shelf. We definitely haven’t kept up a christmas card of ourselves for 5 months. Nope. Definitely didn’t happen. We’re not that selfish, I promise.


Using the old floss technique to slice these bad boys.


If I knew how to play chess, I would’ve with these little guys.


Michael is good looking at everything he does. It’s something I have to live with everyday.


Minus the one that looks like a perfectly spiraled turd, they are all so cute!

April-2015-14 April-2015-15

I’d like to think michael was serious when he told me, “Your ignorance is so cute.” But I couldn’t tell. I will accept it for now.

“Maggie, want to see how muscular I am?” Michael yelled from across the house. I ran toward him, containing an abnormal amount of excitement. “I ripped my band-aid while taking my shirt off.” He was right, and it was documented.


I yell michael’s name a lot. It’s mostly for no reason and I mostly smother him in a hug while doing so. And although we haven’t met our neighbors that just moved in next door, we think they probably already know his name. And they probably think we fight a lot. But really I’m just overly obsessive about my husband. Don’t worry about it.

It makes me sad that michael and I don’t shop more than once a year because he says things like “Just let me try it on and tell me if my eyes pop.” He was serious. He also acts out the scene of where he’ll be wearing the clothing. “Hello my name is michael.” he said, buttoning up his new sport jacket, turning from side to side to see how it fit. Like I said, there’s just so much to love.

Truth and carbs.

“How was working out?” Michael asked as I walked into our bedroom panting, dripping sweat. “Sounds like you were doing construction in there.” It’s so encouraging that I sound synonymous with a bulldozer when I do a few burpees. Thanks babe.

I haven’t seen outside at 2 pm on a wednesday for years. That’s what a office does to you. So I’m really loving that I get to work from home and say, I don’t know, go outside at 2 pm on a wednesday and capture my favorite tee. 


Getting work done with some vitamin D.


Ginormo cookie from Tulie bakery and sipping on something warm because it’s 64 degrees in our house. Is this the “character” and “old charm” people talk about in old homes?


It had been too long since we ate at Park Cafe. We were the veterans asking why they changed their potato recipe. On a side note, I love how much Michael loves ketchup on nearly everything. So much ketchup all the time. It’s so michael!


Ventured out to a new restaurant From Scratch — Loved the atmosphere and the food. If I could build my perfect pizza it would be the crust from From Scratch, and toppings from Settebello. So…someone get that together for me.


Kate found a bread recipe on pinterest. That’s all it took for us to make it. Five cups of flour later…. we had our own loaves. They were amazing.


I used to be religious about eating oatmeal every morning because that’s the only way I found it acceptable to also eat chocolate chips…in my oatmeal. Waking up is hard, but chocolate makes it better.


Sugar love

“Maggie,” michael demanded, “you said you wanted a cookie, and I’m getting you a cookie!” That’s all it took, and we were off to Paradise Bakery. I love our cookie runs. It’s the only running we do.


Michael planned our date night that week — crafting flowers out of napkins and a little yoga. It really was perfection. So in love with everyday we spend together. Still.

February-2015-10 February-2015-11

My biggest decision that day was deciding which sugar topping, syrup or funfetti frosting, I wanted on my pancakes and eggs. Turns out it was both. (I can’t make decisions.)


I used to hate driving to St. George but I’ve grown to love it. I love the time michael and I spend together when we drive. It’s just me and him and I cherish our conversations in the car. I’m still getting to know the guy and I love every minute of it. Oh, and my box of Cheerios is my new road trip necessity. Yes, the whole box.


We did a little climbing in St. George at sunset at the Green Valley Gap, it was so much fun! Here’s michael setting it up on the cliff.



Wait, isn’t there some sort of buzzer I get to push?


The good thing about my sister living 1 block away from me, are the surprise treats she leaves at my door. Like this German chocolate frosting on a glazed donut from Beyond Glaze.


Spent Valentine’s Day with my other half (twin) and my other, other half (husband) which was so much fun! First some Settebello pizza…


and then some homemade chocolate covered strawberries. “Wow,” michael laughed, “We are never going to eat all of these.” Challenge accepted. I did it, and I’d do it again.


My vida, mi para siempre.


The cuddle-ee and Clark Kent.

Truthfully, it is May and our mistletoe is still up. We just can’t think of a good reason to take it down.


“But Michael!” I said, scrambling for my phone, “I want to take a picture of your sexiness!”
“Maggie,” he sighed, “You have so many pictures of me.” I don’t know whether he was talking about the photos I take of him waking up in the morning, or the faces I make him conjure up, just so I can squeal his name and smother him in a hug. Yeah, those might be the times he’s talking about. But this was necessary. This was Michael Call as Clark Kent and doing so oh-so-naturally.


And here’s my face because I washed and did my hair for the first time in two weeks. Michael “didn’t notice.” Just like he didn’t notice the six months I couldn’t wear eye makeup because of my stye. That was fun.


Michael and I have really gotten into bouldering lately. Let me just say, they just don’t make routes for people who are 5’4. I’m spread eagle out there!


We love spending time on the tramp!


I’ve tried to explain to michael that I got the better end of the deal as the cuddler, rather than him as the cuddle-ee. I think michael agrees…


It finally snowed so we went snowshoeing up Kenny Creek in Mueller Park Canyon. I just love having him all to myself. Michael also gets worried about how possessive I sound when I say that. He didn’t know I was so needy until we got married. Sucker.

January-2015-07 January-2015-08 January-2015-09

I love his squinty little face.January-2015-10

Christmas and big wins

Our little Christmas was a little scotch tape, some gold tinsel and 100% Amazon.


Christmas Eve we hiked up Elephant Rock in Mueller Park Canyon for a little picnic. It started out dry, but as we got closer to the top we found some snow to sit on.

December-2014-10 December-2014-09

December-2014-11 December-2014-12

This is honestly the best picture of our marriage. Michael is legitimately trying to talk to me and I am giggling, squealing, “But you’re so handsome!”


Christmas was so fun!


Michael got me a tripod, a new camera lens and some lights to set up a studio! Man he’s good.


Michael got a lot of boring gifts like 3 zip-up hoodies all in different shades of blue, (Does he wear anything else?), two white dress shirts and a book he’s been raving about, Hundred Years of Solitude. Not pictured is his Korg Micromini. It’s a synthesizer, mini keyboard and vocoder. He’s been mix mastering some great beats!

I still can’t get over the fact that we get to make these holiday memories together. We all know I’m talking about breakfast pizza. It is the best 8 layer meal I ever had. Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and cheese.

December-2014-04 December-2014-05

Oh, I won the first thing ever in my life, ugliest sweater.


It was just the merriest of holidays!

December-2014-07 December-2014-06

the last of them: mini moments

Still catching up with all these mini moments.

We went climbing across the street from Alta resort. It was the most gorgeous view on top of that canyon. And obviously, my husband.

Nov-2014-03 Nov-2014-02Have you spotted me yet?

Nov-2014-13(I’m trying not to feel sad for that lonely cloud…)

Nov-2014-11 Michael, eating that route for lunch.

Nov-2014-12I have such fond memories of this 1960s Schwinn. I bought it while I was in college (sans car) and rode it to work and school.


When michael and I got married, Michael ended up riding this bike to school so I could drive his car to work. Bless his heart—I love a man on a yellow bike!

Went to the store for light bulbs, came back a dozen donuts richer!

Nov-2014-06That one time someone asked Michael, “Is this luscious lady bothering you?” (why thank you kind sir) and he actually said, “Yes.” Smothered much?


We went into Black Friday at the Outlets in Park City knowing full-well the damage that was about to be done. And boy was it done.

Nov-2014-07I laugh everytime I see this photo of michael’s purchases. This is literally all he wears. Jeans, every shade of tee Banana Republic has to offer and Nike skate shoes. I love the monotony.

Nov-2014-08I must note, it nearly killed the guy to buy more than one pair of shoes, jeans, or slacks. He won’t wear anything new until the old item is literally unwearable. I basically had to threaten him with my scrunchiest, saddest face ever to buy everything in that picture. He loves me for it.

After all the leaves fell of the vine of the cement wall that is our backyard we discovered 3 climbing routes—bolts, hold and all. This house just keeps on giving.

Nov-2014-09 Christmas card outtakes!



The impulse buy

I can’t believe I forgot to document October 15th in order of events:

1. Michael’s friends want to play “PIG” —each completing tricks with a skate deck on a trampoline, “tramp skate” as they say.
2. No one has a trampoline.
3. Michael offers to buy a trampoline.
4. 20 minutes later a trampoline is in in our backyard. (thank you KSL classifieds).

Fast forward two months later. “This is ruining our marriage.” Michael muttered after 30 minutes of no progress patching up a tear the size of my fingernail in our trampoline. I later learned he was joking (he has THE WORST jokes).  Luckily, we made it through the patching and I think there is hope in the world for us.


This is Michael’s biggest (and most rewarding) impulse buy to date! We’ve spent hours jumping and giggling (the kind where you cheeks hurt!) like a bunch of 12 year olds. We play all the trampoline games we did as kids, and they’re just as fun— Dead man, crack-the-egg, P-O-P.


Later, with countless tear-worthy bruises on my shins, I’ve already learned quite a few tricks! (videos to be uploaded later..)

Check out michael playing tramp skate with his buddies, I’ve never seen him more in his element! Gives me butterflies hearing everyone cheer for him.

He’s rarely lost a game yet.

Snow Canyon: 3 Ponds

St. George was a must—even when our 5 day getaway turned into a 2.5 day getaway. (Can people stop needing us already? Gosh.) We were dying to wander in Snow Canyon. I’d never been!


Michael was definitely a mountain goat in a different life. He runs, jumps and climbs on just about anything. “Maggie, do you think I can run to the top of that peak?”  (Can you see him?)


No matter what I said, I knew full well he’d already decided he was going to. And he did.


We were the only ones for miles in such a big landscape! I’ve never felt so tiny.


Hello handsome!
Snow-Canyon-2014-05 Love that sandstone!Snow-Canyon-2014-04

The exposed lava rock was unreal. So shiny, but oh so sharp.Snow-Canyon-2014-07 The scale of this mountainous rock was incredible!




The hike was called 3 puddles ponds. These are they…


5 feet long, inches deep. I forgot we were hiking in a desert.


It was such a sandy hike we finished it barefoot! It was so dreamy. Every visit to St. George will require a visit to Snow Canyon purely for the red sand.

Snow-Canyon-2014-14 Snow-Canyon-2014-10